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TokenSwap is conducting airdrop TP activity TokenSwap and XUSD project was launched by whitecoin team WhiteCoin wallet upgrade completed Upgrade announcement Welcome to XUSD Alpha Testing About Suspend the swap Whitecoin Official Website Upgrade Warning Mobile wallet updated to 1.1.1(22) Announcement of the process of recent swap MXC Will List Whitecoin (XWC) and Launch the 41st Session ... Suspension of Swap between XWC and XWCC (III) Announcement on the change of the download address of the ... Launch of Alternate URL for XWC The Shenzhen Component Index stands at 16,000 points, the... Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase III) Is Coming Soon Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase II) Is Starting Large Strategic Swap Between XWC And XWCC Is Starting Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase II) Is Coming Soon Round Four Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase I) Is Starting Round Three Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase I) Has Ended 97.6% of Round Three Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase I) H... Round Three Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase I) Is Startin... Round Two Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase I) Has Ended 37.8% of Round Two Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase I) Has... Round Two Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase I) Is Coming So... Round One Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase I) Has Ended Round One Swap Between XWC And XWCC (Phase I) Is Starting Announcement On Whitecoin Swap Plan (I) Termination About Swap and Withdrawal The Upgrading of the Whitecoin Website About Wallet Upgrade Swap Instruction of 2nd and 3rd Round New Milestone, New Exchange Purchase XWC at 10% Discount Lock-up has been suspended EXX has completed swap and will resume trading Announcement: to upgrade XDT Contract Announcement: to upgrade WNT Contract Announcement: Lbank will upgrade Whitecoin Whitecoin Official Announcement on FUBT Launching Fake XWC Important Update: Scammer Alert Announcement: BW. io will start transactions, deposit and ... Announcement: BW. io is about to change the name of the Ne... Announcement: ZBG is about to change the name of the Old W... ZB.com is about to Change the Name of Whitecoin ZB.com is about to Change the Name of the Old Whitecoin The Announcement of Unlock in Advance Launched by XWC Offi... ZB Launching NXWC Withdrawing Announcement Announcement of BW.COM listing XWC Announcement: XWC successfully launched on the ZBG Exchang... Announcement: The Second Round of Swap Officially Begins Announcement on the Listing of WhiteCoin on the World's Fi... Announcement on the Launch of Red Packet Function through ... Official announcement: WhiteCoin Wallet Web Version Announcement: Hacker's Address Froze Announcement on WhiteCoin Wallet Upgrade at XT Announcement on XWC Old Chain to be Renamed at Exchanges Abnormal minning activity notification
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XWC created an interconnected blockchain world.

Whitecoin connects the values of blockchains with the innovative Multi Tunnel Blockchain Communication Protocol (MTBCP).
Cross-chain is of great significance to the current blockchain industry: it connects the values of different blockchains; it breaks the barriers between independent blockchains and provides the foundation for building an interconnected ecosystem in the blockchain world. It enables better scaling and value sharing of existing blockchains; it helps the infrastructure of existing Internet business to connect to blockchains.
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XWC ecology,

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Whitecion Block data

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XWC price

$1.17009 (0.22%)



Block height


Block reward

127192210.42002592 XWC

Trading volume


Total supply

1,000,000,000 XWC


1. Cross-chain (BTC, LTC, ETH, USDT, etc.)

2. DeFi application

3. Stablecoin - XUSD

More applications:     (tokenswap)


IOS & Android download

Relying on on the Whitecoin cross-chain ecology, Tokenswap realized the cross-chain transactions of USDT, BTC, LTC, ETC and all contract tokens based on ERC20. By injecting cross-chain assets to provide liquidity for Tokenswap, users can obtain multiple benefits, not only revenues of fees as a liquidity provider, but also the TP token income by liquidity mining. Tokenswap also launched one-click issuing of smart contracts, simple and fast.


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