Why WhiteCoin?

WhiteCoin continues to evolve from its early days when it was originally created by a developer that only wanted to cash in to where it has flourished to become more than just a coin, WhiteCoin has grown into a truly innovative community consisting of Developers, Private Business Investors and the newly forming The WhiteCoin Foundation in Canada.

While available to everyone, WhiteCoin is driven by a dedicated community of supporters yet controlled by no one single individual. This attractive combination will help ensure stability, growth, and compelling technological developments.




The original mining phase for WhiteCoin has long since passed however, WhiteCoin can be acquired through mining at one of the WhiteCoin payout Multipools.

How does this work?

At each of the multipools, you configure your miner for the algo of your choice where each multipool has a switching mechanism in place to switch between the most profitable coins to mine.

You mine these coins, then the multipool will purchase Whitecoin from open market exchanges, thereby increasing buy pressure and placing Whitecoin in your wallet.  Once in your wallet, you have the option of taking advantage of the PoS interest rate of 2%, which means you will also be “Staking” Whitecoin when you hold it in your Wallet.

Here is a current list of available Multipools to choose from, for CoinKing, simply select $WC as your preferred payout method!




- Ponzi Game
– Open spots! (See Bounty List)

Development Team

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Expert Developers

With Full, Part time and Volunteer developers from the WhiteCoin community on board, you can rest assured that the WhiteCoin network is solid, stable and will deliver performance expected by the community.  Additionally new developments are currently under review such as a Privacy Feature, Escrow and Enhanced Wallet features.


Privacy Functions

Privacy can be simply achieved by using TOR.  Instructions have been provided with a link inside V1.1.0.0.  ANON can be fully implemented if the community so chooses however at this time, the community is NOT focused on ANON rather we have many other developments under discussion and in the works!

WhiteOS - Public Beta Stage

WhiteOS – “WhiteOS is a secure custom Linux OS which allows you to manage your Whitecoin wallet (or any other cryptocurrency wallet) in a safe environment that leaves no traces on your everyday computer.  It can remain connected 24/7 to the internet via VM, dual boot or USB.  It comes preconfigured with Privacy enabled via the TOR network, you can also disable privacy if you would rather not use TOR.” – Oizopower

Wallet Release - Language Translation

Completed and released with V1.1.0.0 Wallet Update

Wallet Release

V1.1.0.0 is not only a cosmetic update, we have fully reviewed the code, fixed many bugs, implemented new features and languages!

Known User Transactions

Known User Transactions was proposed by the community to create a service for reputation management so that Whitecoin community members will have the ability to view feedback and trust scores for other members prior to transacting.  Currently under discussions with Shair.com and Whitecoin Foundation Development Team members

As we are working on the most important items the community desires, here you can see the progress of each item which we will be updating on a regular basis to ensure you remain up to date of the development progress.  If you have a development that you believe would be a great asset to WhiteCoin, simply contact us and let us know what you have in mind!

Here is the current status of all funds raised for development purposes, this is updated throughout the week on our news portal in addition to our BCTTalk ANN

WCF Wallet – WdPskLzGkjXkSns3BgkRF5fW5SveTBS7tR – 874,650 WC

Developments in descending order of amount raised:
7. Known User Transactions – 1,085,160 WC

4. Reduce Confirmation Times – 367,010 WC

5. Built in Voting – 104,153 WC

3. Smart Contract – 74,065 WC


As we continue to engage the community, our partners and evaluate innovation ideas, we are striving to ensure that our development efforts are not only “spent” wisely but that they have an impact for the sustainability, growth, usability & value for not only the community, but merchants& our current and future partners.

Engage with the Community



Windows Wallet Download

Linux Wallet Download

MAC Wallet Download

Source Download

Wallets and Source are currently on Version and are maintained and updated to be the most recent code available for your use.