Ongoing manual Coin Swap
The swap duration will be 3 months till 21-05-2017 23:59 GMT+2. We have successfully auto-swapped the Whitecoins over at Bittrex, so from now on you can send the coins FROM Bittrex to your NEW wallet which can be downloaded here: From now on we will be calling the "old" wallet (till version the Whitecoin Legacy wallet! Please do NOT send the coins from the Legacy wallet to Bittrex or from Bittrex to your Legacy wallet, they will be lost in limbo and we cannot return them. If you still have Legacy coins, you can swap them manually till 21-05-2017 23:59 GMT+2. Any coins send after this date will not be processed and are lost! You can find a detailed instruction for the manual coin swap here: You can find the Whitecoin coin-swap status page here: Best regards, The whitecoin team